Nomad Exchange

Unlock unique opportunities with our Nomad Exchange program. Trade your accommodations or tours for our expert services, allowing you to achieve great results without the usual costs. This innovative approach not only saves you money but also gives you the chance to meet us in person and work more closely than just online, enhancing a stronger partnership and collaboration.


We start by understanding the services that you are looking for. This helps us tailor our offerings to meet your needs best.


Next, we check which country you are located in and determine the best time for our visit. This ensures we can plan effectively and make the most of our time together.


We discuss and finalize the exact dates that work for both. This includes planning plane tickets, visas, and other travel arrangements to ensure a smooth trip and project.


Once on-site, we meet in person and start the project together. This allows us to align our goals and start working, ensuring that your vision is fully realized.

Nomad Exchange Highlights

Discover what sets our Nomad Exchange services apart, with these essential features.

Cost-Effective Collaboration

Save on traditional service fees by exchanging accommodations or tours. This innovative approach reduces costs for you while allowing us to continue our journey as digital nomads, creating high-quality work in diverse locations.

Personal Connection

Meet us in person and build a stronger working relationship. This face-to-face interaction allows for better communication, more effective collaboration, and a deeper understanding of your needs and goals. In addition, being at your place, we can deliver Drone Photography services.

Win-Win Solution

This program offers a fantastic way to receive professional services while providing us with the incredible opportunity to travel the world. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement that enhances both our work and experiences.

Recent Nomad Exchange Work

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Xanadu Surf

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“We usually don't cooperate with people who we don't know, but I gave him a chance and it ended up like a great team work!”

Our clients' experiences speak for themselves. Read their testimonials to see how we deliver outstanding results and exceptional customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled answers to commonly asked questions to make your decision-making process easier.

01. How long do you need to stay?

For standard Web Design and Development services, we need to visit for three to four weeks. This allows us to discuss most aspects of the project, begin the work, and in most cases finalize everything during our stay.

02. What types of accommodations or tours are eligible for exchange?

We are open to all propositions. Share the details of your place or tour with us, and we’ll discuss the specifics.

03. What happens if the project requires more time than planned?

Sometimes projects take longer than expected. If we don’t finalize the project during our stay, we’ll complete it remotely as soon as possible. Our reviews confirm that we prioritize maintaining good relations with all our clients so don’t worry, your project will be treated equally to the standard ones.

04. How far in advance should we plan the exchange?

Planning ahead is crucial for a smooth exchange. We suggest starting the process at least four – six weeks in advance to coordinate travel details and prepare for the project.

05. How many people are coming?

144ONTOUR is a team based mostly in Poland, and we all work online. For the Nomad Exchange program, only me and Paula will participate, so just a double room will be a great option.