Why did we choose this job? Because we love to travel, and digital services allow us to work remotely. Learn about 144ONTOUR and the experiences that inspire our creative process.

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Our work is our passion.

We love what we do. At 144ONTOUR, every project is crafted with care and creativity. We’re dedicated to delivering results that make a difference for our clients. Our journey began in 2015 during a “Nomad Exchange” trip to Bali, where we discovered the freedom to work from anywhere. Since then, we’ve been traveling mostly to Asia each year.


Divi Projects

I’m a Divi Expert. After testing multiple themes this is the one, it’s my everyday tool.

15+ years

of working online

I’ve been engaged in online work opportunities since my teenage years.

9+ years

living as a Digital Nomad

Remote work has allowed me to explore the world and work from anywhere, a freedom I truly love.


visited countries

Exploring the world and bringing diverse insights to my work.

Living the Digital Nomad Life

Our digital nomad journey began with a simple idea: work doesn’t have to be limited to a single location. Our travels across various countries provide us with fresh perspectives, enriching our digital solutions with unique insights. Bali, which we call our second home, is where we find the perfect balance of work and surfing.

The freedom to explore different cultures and environments fuels our creativity and innovation, ensuring that our clients receive truly inspired work. At 144ONTOUR, our global adventures shape every project we create.

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“His work suited our brand very well and his speed and efficiency exceeded our expectations.”

I’m very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of my clients all over The World. Here’s what they’re saying about my work.